Thursday, 19 March 2020

What's on my mind now? This blog and my personal future objectives!

What now?
I have re-opened this blog, i've found a new motivation to keep it updated and also i'm on a total different level from before.
How can i keep it updated? What should i write? What are my current objectives?

I think brainstorming can help sometimes. Here i write a few ideas i have on my mind about this blog and my future objectives!

Second V02max Test - March 2020

A few weeks ago i did another V02max test.
I wanted to see my improvements after 1 year of training.

I didn't know what to expect but i noticed very good improvements.
The test was performed on a ergonometer, adding 50 watts each 2 minutes.

Those are my results:

A few months into 2020 - my new watt PRs, my progression in the last year!

Today i've restarted this blog.
In these first 2020 months i trained a lot and i have completed a few personal objectives.
Also, my watts have increased and also my V02max.

In this post i'll write about my recent watt PBs and my progression in the last year!

Tuesday, 28 January 2020

Writing a book...?

The blog is a good, fast way to comunicate. It is very easy to write and is accessible to everybody with just a single click.
The book is something different. You have to link the chapters in a certain logic manner, so that everyone knows what you are telling and the progress of the story you write. This is a must for novels, but it's a must for every other kind of books.

Tuesday, 31 December 2019

TSS? No way! TSSchippz!

Cyclists follow a plan based on certain values. They put their ftp watts, their workout avg watts and then the IF (Intensity Factor) appears (workout watts / ftp watts). From this value you get the TSS (Training Stress Score), a number that tells you how much intense your training was.

However, i didn’t like how those “points” are calculated, so i called my points as TSSchippz (like my nickname).

[Memories] V02max Lab Test

Dear, old, nice memories.
This one is about my first V02max lab test.

V02max is the maximal volume of oxygen you can consume in the single unit of time.

In order to calculate it, you have to do a lab test where you cycle (or run) with an equipment that reads the oxygen you breathe and every other kind of things related.

My test was performed on a cyclette with a fixed wattage.

06 March, 2019.

Watts PB and 2020 Objectives!

2020 is starting soon, it's time to think about objectives and projects.

What objectives will i complete? Will my project be as i'm dreaming them now? Who can tell, but we can start writing this things down here.

However, let's start by the present.

What is Zwift?

Since i am a Zwifter, i must explain to everybody what this is.

Zwift is a virtual game, an e-cycling game to be more precise.
In order to play this game you need an Indoor Trainer (a Smart Trainer is better): it’s an equipment in which you mount your bike on it and you start cycling. Then, this Trainer sends your power imput to Zwift and your virtual character starts cycling at the same wattage you produce!

Welcome! I introduce myselft

Hello everyone! Welcome to my blog!

I'm Andrew, a Zwifter.
What is Zwift, you say? Zwift is an indoor e-cycling game. It means that you have to cycle for real, but playing online with other people there (for more info, please read my post about Zwift)!

I'm an italian indoor cyclist and i'm 26 years old (year 1993).
I started with running and athletics, but after years of training, loss and personal bests i wanted a bigger challenge. So i started with Zwift.